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Top 10 Country Songs

top 10 country songs

Do you love country music? We hope you do! This genre originated in 1920s takes its roots from American folk and Western music. Country tunes have generally simple forms and are mostly accompanied by string instruments such as banjos, electric and acoustic guitars, fiddles, and harmonicas. Let’s revise the best country songs of all the time. Continue reading

10 Best Songs About Money

Songs about money

All we need is love money! Music entirely reflects this idea: more and more pop & hip hop songs are twisted around the notion of money. Well, let’s see the coolest songs about money, wealth and the rich of all the time. Continue reading

Top 10 Hindi Songs

Hindi songs

Hindi songs are music from Bollywood films. In contrast to other songs, Hindi ones are strongly connected with the plot of the film and always accompanied with a dance. The lyrics of the songs often show characters’ mood or serve as interior monologues. The songs are largely written in Hindi, still it’s not uncommon to hear some English words there. Let’s explore the best Hindi songs.  Continue reading

10 Best Songs of 1990’s

1990 music

Are 1990’s the years of your youth? Do you remember all music you listened and danced to on discos? Let’s revise the hottest songs of that decade. Here are top 10 tracks of the nineties. Listen & enjoy! Continue reading

10 New Songs About Friends

Best Friend Songs

We all have best friends and there are times when we want to show how much we love them. A song to a friend is a perfect gift, it can say thank you or I miss you, be emotional or silly. Such songs express the bond you have with your BFF and with that, are always memorable. So here are some newest pop songs to share with your best friend ever. Continue reading

Top 10 Rock Songs of All Time

best rock songs

Who doesn’t love rock music? Hardly, anyone. Rock seems to be the universal music genre in which we can find both rhythm-and-blues and country-and-western, both harsh and romantic songs. With a heavy focus on guitar, drums, and powerful vocal, rock now has dozens of sub-styles. Still there are compositions which always be on the top of rock charts at any time. Let’s have a look at them. Don’t forget that you can easily download rock with Free MP3jam.

Continue reading

10 Best Love Songs of 2013

Best love songs 2013

The year 2013 has brought us thousands of new songs of various genres and topics. However, love songs always take a prominent place. “All we need is love” – sang The Beatles almost 50 years ago. Indeed, love songs have always been on the top of any charts, and this year isn’t an exception. So let’s have a look what love songs have become the flagship of 2013. Continue reading