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How to Download Music to a Tablet Computer

How to Download Music to Tablet Computer

Tablets have become very popular nowadays. They can really substitute a PC: you can create docs, browse the Internet, watch movies, listen to music and much more. Android tablets in contrast to iPads allow users to download music files straight from the Internet. However, if your tablet is offline, you have to send music files to it from your PC. This means is also applicable to iOS tablets. Read here how to download music to a tablet computer with the help of free software. Continue reading

How to Identify a Song by Melody


You hear a song you’ve never heard before and it gets stuck in your head. Does it often happen to you? And it’s a real torture not to know its title, lyrics and not to be able to download this song. Eureka, you can identify this song by melody using free music recognition tools. Try the ones below. Continue reading

Discover Top 100 Songs & Other Charts Right Now

top 100

We hope you have already tried Free MP3jam to find and download your favorite music (if not yet, hurry up to install it). Meanwhile, do you know that MP3jam is not only a good MP3 downloader, but a great music discovery tool as well? With it, you can explore top 100 songs right now, best music of the last year, trending songs and much more. And this is possible thanks to Last.fm hashtags support. Try these popular tags to discover new & popular music. Continue reading

How to Download Music on iPhone

How to Download Music on iPhone

All iPhone owners are aware of the problem with files saving. Thus, you’re unable to download music straight to iPhone storage. You have to either buy tracks on iTunes or look for sneacky ways to send music files onto the gadget. We offer you one of the most easy means to download songs onto iPhone. Continue reading

How to Download Music Free

how to download music free

The question “How to download music free?” is among the most frequent ones. Indeed, why pay for songs which can be easily downloaded for free? We’d like to present one of the most efficient and simplest ways to download free music. Just follow the steps below. Continue reading