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Top 10 Songs about a Perfect Man

a perfect man

It’s amazing to have an always caring, strong and kind man near you. Even if it is not so, you can always find ways to form the qualites you need to see in your spouse. Sometimes it’s useful to remind your husband or boyfriend how cool he is. Here music can become a good assistant. Check out our list of top songs about perfect men and just tell your partner that this song is about him. 😉  Continue reading

10 Best Love Songs of 2013

Best love songs 2013

The year 2013 has brought us thousands of new songs of various genres and topics. However, love songs always take a prominent place. “All we need is love” – sang The Beatles almost 50 years ago. Indeed, love songs have always been on the top of any charts, and this year isn’t an exception. So let’s have a look what love songs have become the flagship of 2013. Continue reading