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Top 10 Songs by Coldplay


Coldplay are a British rock band known for their emotionally powerful piano ballads and all time hits “Yellow” and Grammy awarded “Viva la Vida”. Still their discography counts dozens of worldwide famous songs and top-selling albums. Let’s review the top 10 songs by Coldplay. You may download them with Free MP3jam downloader. Continue reading

10 Best Songs From “Friends” Sitcom


Do you remember and still love “Friends”? Me, too! “Friends” is one of the most famous sitcoms of 1990s. This was a real bomb on TV. Now after 20 years passed, their jokes are still actual and funny. The same is true about music: it’s catching and very optimistic. Let’s review the best soundtracks from “Friends” TV series and sing them together! Continue reading

Top 10 New Songs About Winter

Winter music

Why do people love winter? Maybe, for its charming snowing weather, funny skiing, clumsy snowmen and of course endless holidays! All this impossible to imagine without good music.

Download Free MP3jam and enter the hashtag #winter and you’ll receive the exclusive playlist with best songs about winter. Meanwhile, enjoy the roundup of top new songs about winter right now!

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Best 10 Pop Songs Ever

pop music

You may love or hate pop music, but you stay away from it. The genre of pop music emerged from rock and folk music, but now itcomprirses all songs which are “popular” and rotated on mainstream music radios. Discover the best pop songs of all the time. The chart is based on top music magazines and Internet resources lists. Don’t forget to download these MP3 songs with Free MP3jam and find more using the hashtag #pop. Continue reading

Best New Christmas Songs 2014


Holidays are just around the corner. This year, as usual, some great musicians released their original Christmas songs, as well as new versions of classic holiday tunes. Listen to them now to feel the holiday spirit! You can also find & download songs in MP3 with MP3jam. Merry Christmas, guys! Continue reading

Top 10 Songs That Will Make You Cry

music to cry

Music can evoke different emotions – from a delight to a sudden sadness. Agree that emotional breakdowns are easily to overcome with good music that matches your mood. Here is the roundup of 10 most heart wrenching sad songs that are guaranteed to make you cry. Don’t forget to find them all and download with Free MP3jam software. Continue reading

Top 10 French Rap Songs

French rap

Rap is a very popular music genre in France. Still numerous hip hop songs in French are well known in all over the world. We can say that French rap is nearly as famous as its American counterparts. Let’s discover the word of French rap & hip hop music with its inimitable French sounds, lowing, expressive tones and original lyrics. Find out what are the best rap songs in French and download hip hop tracks with Free MP3jam.

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Top 10 Animated Disney Songs


Do you love Disney cartoons? We all know them, their characters and their songs. Many of the cartoons were released dozens of years ago, but the universal things they preach don’t have a time stamp. Most of these common truths are embedded in the songs sung by the main characters. Here is top 10 soundtracks from animated Disney  movies, let’s sing together! Continue reading

Top 10 Songs About Autumn

Autumn music

Do you love autumn? Yellow leaves, rain, warm sweater and a cup of hot chocolate…. Sounds romantic? So we can say about autumn music – calm, beautiful, melancholic. It’s always a pleasure to listen to such music sitting near a fireplace or at a cosy cafe. Let’s view the best songs about autumn and enjoy them with Free MP3jam player and downloader.  Continue reading

10 Most Famous Jazz Singers

Jazz musicJazz music is beautiful. Jazz musicians are mysterious and inspirational. With roots coming to African slave music, jazz tunes are full of swing rhythm, polyrhythm, improvisation and sacsophone. Over the course of the 20th century, this music genre has been changing drastically as new artists bring on new influence and new sound. Let’s view the list of the most famous jazz artists of the past century. Continue reading