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Top 10 Albums by Madonna

Madonna albums

Madonna in her almost 56 years has released 12 studio albums. The debut self-titled album “Madonna” came out 30 years ago, in 1983! almost every Madonna’s album got the status of platinum the the USA.  That’s a real record! Well, let’s see what the best of the best Madonna’s albums are, follow the list.  Continue reading

Top 15 Coolest Album Covers

top album coversAlbum cover is gradually coming into the past. Today, when everybody has iPhone or iPod to listen to music on the go, only CD amateurs can really estimate the album artwork. Still, MP3jam users can see album covers for downloaded songs in any music player supporting this option.  Plus, there are many videos on YouTube which have only an album cover instead of video footage. So perhaps, the concept of album artwork is still alive. isn’t it? Meanwhile, let’s see the best album covers of all the time. Continue reading

10 Best Albums of 2013


The year 2013 was rich in music sensations, new stars emergence and fabulous singles and albums releases. Looking back at what was released during the past twelve months, let’s figure out the best albums of 2013 which were either awarded or got astonishing sales records.

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