10 Best Songs About Money

Songs about money

All we need is love money! Music entirely reflects this idea: more and more pop & hip hop songs are twisted around the notion of money. Well, let’s see the coolest songs about money, wealth and the rich of all the time. Continue reading

Top 10 Hindi Songs

Hindi songs

Hindi songs are music from Bollywood films. In contrast to other songs, Hindi ones are strongly connected with the plot of the film and always accompanied with a dance. The lyrics of the songs often show characters’ mood or serve as interior monologues. The songs are largely written in Hindi, still it’s not uncommon to hear some English words there. Let’s explore the best Hindi songs.  Continue reading

10 Best Songs of 1990’s

1990 music

Are 1990’s the years of your youth? Do you remember all music you listened and danced to on discos? Let’s revise the hottest songs of that decade. Here are top 10 tracks of the nineties. Listen & enjoy! Continue reading

Top 10 Alternative Rock Bands


There are dozens of worldwide famous alternative rock bands. In contrast to classical rockers, their music is full of distorted guitar sound, non-compliant lyrics and generally a nonchalant attitude. The term “alternative” means that these bands have emerged, existed and operated outside of the mainstream. Let’s have a look at 10 most popular alternative rock bands known today. Continue reading

Top 10 Classical Composers


Are you an amateur of classical music? Then you should check the collection of free classical music collected for you in MP3jam. Just launch the software and click the tab “Classical” on the main window. Here you’ll find the most popular pieces by old and modern composers, which are available for free download in high quality. Meanwhile, let’s have a look at top 10 composers of all the time. Continue reading

Discover Top 100 Songs & Other Charts Right Now

top 100

We hope you have already tried Free MP3jam to find and download your favorite music (if not yet, hurry up to install it). Meanwhile, do you know that MP3jam is not only a good MP3 downloader, but a great music discovery tool as well? With it, you can explore top 100 songs right now, best music of the last year, trending songs and much more. And this is possible thanks to Last.fm hashtags support. Try these popular tags to discover new & popular music. Continue reading

10 Best Songs by Enimem


To say that Eminem is a greatest rapper of our time is to say nothing. His contribution to world’s rap music is outstanding. His rise to fame is a real-life drama full of protests, court cases, and a duel with drugs. All this echoes in his songs – dismal and aggressive, honest and realistic, songs which became the gold hits of rap music. Find our chart of best songs by Eminem and download free rap music with MP3jam. Continue reading

15 Best Workout Songs

workout songsEffective training is not imagined without good music. Although our music tastes are all different, we have the same requirements to workout music: it should be rhythmic, dynamic and it shouldn’t distract from excercising. Have at look at the best workout songs we collected for you. Don’t forget that you can download the songs with Free MP3jam. Continue reading

Top 10 Funny Musical Instruments

Funny Musical Insruments

There are dozens of weird and hilarious artists, but even more bizarre are the musical instruments they play. Have a look at our roundup of top 10 craziest-looking and strangest-sounding musical instruments which squeak, croak,  buzz, whine, etc. Read & watch!

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