Best 10 Pop Songs Ever

pop music

You may love or hate pop music, but you stay away from it. The genre of pop music emerged from rock and folk music, but now itcomprirses all songs which are “popular” and rotated on mainstream music radios. Discover the best pop songs of all the time. The chart is based on top music magazines and Internet resources lists. Don’t forget to download these MP3 songs with Free MP3jam and find more using the hashtag #pop.

#10 Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

#9 John Lennon – Imagine

#8 ABBA – Dancing Queen

#7 Eagles – Hotel California

#6 Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

#5 Britney Spears – Toxic

#4 Madonna – Like a Virgin

#3 Michael Jackson – Thriller

#2 Beatles – Yesterday

#1 U2 – One