MP3jam Refund Policy

All MP3jam options, including the premium ones, are available to try before you buy. So our customers can test the product features before the purchase and determine that:

- It is the correct software to help them with their tasks
- It runs correctly on their computer and is compatible with their operating system.

For these reasons, we offer no refunds as a matter of policy, however, a 30 day-100% money back guarantee exceptions are made under the following circumstances:

1. If you stably encounter an error which is preventing you from using Free MP3jam properly, and if we are not able to correct the error within an acceptable period of time or are unable to suggest a temporary solution. Please note that you shall provide detailed information about an error such as screenshots of error messages, log files, detailed descriptions of your actions, file samples, etc.
2. If you accidentally paid for the software more than once.

We reserve the right to decline refund requests in the following cases:

1. When a user demands a refund immediately after buying Free MP3jam
2. When a user asks for a refund without giving any particular reason
3. When a user requests a refund due to the absence of features which we never claimed to provide and which are not listed in the feature list of Free MP3jam.

In such cases, if you disagree with our grounds for refund refusal, you can apply to your bank and initiate a chargeback.

Please note that in any case of refund or chargeback we reserve the right to disable your Free MP3jam activation key.

With any questions or issues related to Free MP3jam, including refunds, please contact [email protected]