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MP3jam Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers the MP3jam software and the MP3jam website ( We respect your privacy and want to explain what type of information we collect and how we manage it. If you use the software and/or the website, you consent to the Privacy Policy.

Collected Information

The software and the website do not collect ANY personal information that helps to identify you as an individual such as: name, sex, age, address, email address, contact phone number, logins, and passwords. When you send feedback via email, you shall provide us your email address for the communication purpose. In order to improve the software and the website, we collect non-personal information such as IP addresses. IP address collection helps us to improve our website and the software because it indicates the time spent on our website and a geo region. We use “cookies” on the website. Cookies are stored on your computer and help us to improve our website as they remember your website preferences and adjustments. For example, cookies show previously visited pages on the website and help to load them faster; cookies also may show your selected language preferences, so you get an appropriate language version of the website quicker. We never merge IP addresses with any personal identifying information. Cookies on our website do not collect or transmit any personal information. You can always configure your browser to turn off cookies access. Usually cookies settings are located at “Options” or “Privacy” tabs of a browser. Thus, you are eligible to use the software and the website anonymously.

Information Use

The software and the website do not collect, sell, transfer, rent, lease, publish, disclose and distribute any personal Information without your consent to third parties. Non-personally information about our users may be share with our partners and advertisers.

Links to other Websites

This site and the software may contain links to other sites such as our advertisers and partners. Please check their privacy statements since their privacy practices may be different from ours. This Privacy Policy is solely for the MP3jam software and the MP3jam website (


MP3jam software and the MP3jam website ( are not made to attract anyone under 13. Visitors younger than 13 years old shall not use the software and the website.


The Privacy Policy may change. The changes will be posted on the website.


If you have any comments or about the Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected].